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limited edition bed. you won't find your sleep number setting at an ordinary mattress store. you'll find it exclusively at a sleep number store. sleep number. comfort... individualized. this morning, more chances of snow but will it interrupt your sunday plans? chuck bell is tracking the time of it all. >> and a big honor of rg3, as we learn more of the recovery from the knee injury. i am richard jordan. >> i am angie goff. and snow kicked off the start of our weekend. we will take a look right now, and they fell a short time in college park and that left many of the roads slick early this
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morning. >> can we expect a repeat today? let's go to storm team 4 meteorologist, chuck bell. >> a good sunday morning, everybody. still plenty of clouds outside and still more snowflakes in your forecast. in fact even a few snowflakes out there for you first thing this morning. 29 degrees right now with a light wind out of the east at 7 miles per hour. here it is on storm team 4 doppler. there are snow showers in western loudin county, and front royal and down towards toms brook, and look for a little light snow. we are talking about barely a coating out there first thing and then it will be enough to get the roads slippery. your sunday starter, temperatures on the cold side here for at least the next five to six hours and we will talk about the rest of today and your super bowl forecast and the workweek ahead coming up. after two weeks of waiting
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super bowl xlvii is finally here. the ravens and 49ers are a little more than 12 hours away from the big game down in the big easy. the players went through their final practice yesterday before today's game. for ray lewis, it is his last practice ever. he plans to retire after today's game no matter the outcome. and fans are snapping uptickets left and right, and many are buying tickets before the game. >> a lot of people are flocking in without tickets. >> they are dropping. i have been watching all week long. >> on stub hub tickets are going for a minimum of $1,000 up to $9,000, and on ebay you can buy great seats for around 50,000 bucks. >> sadly the redskins will not be playing in today's game, but there was good news for the
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black and gold. rg3 threw for more many touchdowns, and it's the first time a redskins player is named the ap player of the year. later in this hour, we will hear how his rehab is going. >> with millions of peoples watching tonight's game and the commercials one ad uses its 30 seconds to push for tighter gun control and take aim at the national rival association. >> the nra once supported background checks. >> we think it's reasonable to provide mandatory instant criminal background checks for every sale at every gun show, and no loopholes anywhere for anyone -- >> the group, mayors against illegal guns paid for that ad, and the ad is only set to run
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here in our area, which means the group likely did not pay the $3.8 million it costs for ad this year. and the nra weighs in on this photo. the white house released this picture after the president was asked during the interview if he ever fired a gun, and the nra does not support a picture after supporting every gun ban. 25-year-old andrew gakle was shot in the back. last night's celebration was a fund-raiser that helped raise money to support former congresswoman's giffords in
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supporting tighter gun control. >> whether we are addressing mental illness or background checks, all the problems need to be addressed in an open forum. >> and it's something we need to address nationwide and it needs to be more of a conversation. >> and tkpwabgle says he raised about $5,000 and he hopes t get to 12,000. we have a traffic alert for drivers in montgomery county, getting around georgia avenue will be a little challenging today. crews are going to shut down the northbound lanes. they are removing a crane at the construction site where a new building with apartments and safeway will go up. plan ahead for metro delays today for stations on the blue and orange lines are closed and those are capital south and eastern market and potomac avenue, and minnesota avenue and deanwood stations on the orange
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line are also closed, and metro will single track on the green and yellow lines from 10:00 until closing. and the agency is replacing three escalators, and those will be similar to those recently installed at the dupont circle station. and the project is expected to last through the fall. it's 6:06 right now, and the weather is the big story this morning. >> will we see more snow and how long will it last? chuck bell is back with your forecast. and a reason to celebrate. we will tell you what inspired
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you know you have won a
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swimming competition when your fully clothed coach jumps into the pool. two fairfax county schools are waking up champs this morning, the girls from oakton highway won the northern region swimming diving and championships yesterday. and congratulations to them. >> i guess this is the equivalent to pouring the big tub of gatorade on them. >> yeah, and the coach was a diving coach, and there was a splash when he jumped in the pool. we won't take the trophy away, because the kids are in that but you have to work on your splash, mister. i say the word "snow" and then the ears pick up and then this is the 2012 and 2013
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weather, and the snow tends to come in tenths of an inch instead of feet. below freezing in most sports. 29 downtown at national airport. your sunday starter, snow showers around this morning. one or two flurries lingering up through noontime today and we may have a few more snowflakes lingering into the afternoon as well. not looking for accumulations today. it's going to be a cold day, but temperatures will climb high enough where we can still see snowflakes flying but not much of any of that will stick. storm team radar shows it all the way down towards winchester virginia right now, and not much going on in and around the city of washington first thing this morning, but if you are on your way out to early morning sunday services, be careful the tiny coating of snow we did get last night has left slippery spots on the road this morning. be on the lookout for that.
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and snow showers for sure, and amounts not amounting to much of anything and that the cold flow through here enough to ring out a snow shower or two from time to time but not enough moisture to work with so nothing to shovel or worry about. and yet another monday clipper comes racing through here bringing another chance for snow late monday evening into early tuesday morning. and so through this morning cloudy and cold with snow showers and temperatures in the low to mid-30s and then your breakdown during game time today, pregame 2:00 to 5:00, and temperatures in the upper 30s, and no real travel problems. during game time, 6:00 to 10:00, and skies will try to clear out just a little bit, and then going home after the game, mid-20s, be careful and it will be cold and slippery out there and be extra careful and pick your designated driver before
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the game starts please. and here is your seven-day forecast. best chance of seeing another coating of snow comes after sunset on monday and before sunrise on tuesday, and then another clipper coming our way on wednesday and that is likely to have rain drops and snowflakes mixed in, and then a moderating trend as we finish out the week and get ready to go into, yes indeed, next weekend, and temperatures look to be pwu above average as we finish the week and into the weekend. the cold stretch will gradually come to an end, and let's hope the tuesday night and wednesday one will leave a little bit of snow. i picked out the name for my snowman already, shorty. >> how about flake? >> yeah. >> you are starting to sound like a broken record, and it's like we could get snow and it's
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just going to be a dusting. >> it's a song you don't like to hear, it's the song you don't want to hear. we will be back with another check of your top stories and forecast. we begin with an unexpected windfall this morning, there's a surplus in the budget and it's due in part to higher business sales and state taxes and agencies that under spent their budgets during the fiscal year. and mayor gray says the money will stay in the bank and other says to spend it on social services. how come nobody is talking about tax refunds?
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>> well, people could argue next month or next year anything can happen to strain the city, and so the mayor is getting kudos for this. and it's just like congress, when we had the surplus under bill clinton, republicans couldn't wait to cut the taxes and send the money back home and the democrats said there's lots of unfinished business and we should continue on that, and we know how it went there, and i'm not take sides, but we know how it went there. >> we know how wall street likes sir pluses. >> yeah, and i agree with dave. he is being cool here, because we don't know what the next four years is going to be like in the city. already they tried to hire more police officers. a lot of money going into -- we
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talked about this last week, when we close the schools you will need extra money for restoration. i think the mayor is doing the right thing. sit on it for a while and see what the future will bring. >> this has to be taken into the context of the wall street journal report, and there was a softening of the economy, and there's a lot of talk about d.c. being recession proof, but in the context of who administered the funds congress has to approve what the district does, and congress puts restrictions on they have to pay the money back in two years and it's like a savings account and not an account where you spend a lot of money. and the mayor was told he would spend the money on homeless services and support for affordable houses. >> and i believe the mayor supports pay raises for city workers. and one of the keys of what to do with the money is gandy.
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>> it seems like mayor gray is going along with him because you don't know what is happening in the next three to four years that will affect the city. you talked about congress having its eye on the district of columbia and you talk about the services again and affordable housing. this is a big, big ghost over washington. because there is no affordable housing right now and something is going to have to be done about that. >> lots of places to spend the money and the people that want to spend the money are very impatient so there will have to be something done soon. the department of transportation and taxi inspectors are cracking down on drivers that make illegal u-turns in pennsylvania, and many are made in bike lanes between 3rd and 15th streets, and many of the u-turning
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drivers are taxi drivers. and last year the mayor ordered emergency rules and there's a $100 fine for making a turn in the lane even if there is no cyclist in the lane. why has it been so tough? >> d.c. for the last four or five years have become anti-drivers, period. the taxi drivers are not happy not being able to make the turn because a lot of times that's a fare on the other side of the street. the police there are now going to find another way of making ref knew for the city, and again it's taxing the drivers and the city if you make a u-turn on pennsylvania avenue. the whole driving situation and picture is not pretty. >> d.c. has probably got some of the worst traffic conditions in the country. i lived in l.a. for about nine
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years and that's pretty bad, but it's neck and neck, so there are bus lanes and bike lanes, and people are off put by measures from the district to help control eventually in the inner city or downtown areas it becomes gridlock. and if you look at where most of the cyclists are injured. >> every time they talk about this stuff, and some of the bikers also cause accidents themselves. >> you have to make a move. >> dave, obviously the biking issue is a touchy issue in the city, and many people get around the city on bicycles, and it makes sense because there is so much traffic. >> there's always a war between the two, but the fact remains if there's a danger here of illegal
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turns, and a fare on the other side of the road does not trump that, making more money is not a good excuse, we're told. the mayor wants enforced the u-turn law. >> from save streets to street cars desired but delays. they have been promised for many years but it could be next year before we see any street cars rolling along the streets of washington. when they do begin rolling the street cars are likely to hit the h street corridor first, and adot said the devil is in the details. talk about the city's longing and love affair. >> jerry and i can remember as kids to catching the streetcar or trolly to get downtown.
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>> and the tracks are still in areas. >> i often wondered if any of the tracks in georgetown are usable any more, and it's too bad because that would be a case for maybe trying a little pilot program. and the fact remains there's a longing to bring back the trollies and people say they would work but it's not an expense to start them up and that seems to be the big problem. >> we just talked about budget surplus for the district. i talk to a lot of people in the community about the cars, along h street where the street cars are first put and a lot of people are upset because they feel it's a waste of money, and street cars coming back to the city is one thing, but like dave eluded to, we grew up with street cars in the district and i remember when they stopped the street cars in the district, because why? the automobile industry enhanced and they took off the street cars. >> jim, do they have a role in
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the city's revitalization? >> that's a good point. i used to live on 4th and h in that corridor, because radio one, i lived near where i worked and it made sense. that area looks completely different, and a little cyber cafe and boutiques, and the thing is it's attracting business to the area, and the homes and demographics have changed and businesses have been promised if you relocate your business here, we will re-do the infrastructure and facade. >> we are told 2014. >> still a waste of taxp
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welcome back.
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and the university has won the apartment to a new term. she prompted protests with a failed attempt to fire the uva president theresa sullivan. the appointment issue is settled but why does it seem the controversy won't die? >> the supporters of sullivan said it was a coup, a knife in the back and they were outraged and most people do think -- the reporting that i did on it came back that it was not handled very well, and even the governor said that on one of the shows, and i think there's still bad feelings about that and the fact that the governor himself supported her reappointment to the job eased the way for her to be appointed. >> i agree with that.
6:25 am
and going back to what dave was saying, there was a lot of controversy over the whole issue of the president and for the university and remember that time, governor mcdonald was sitting on the fence and didn't know which way to go, but now that he supported her, i have to agree that i think this is the reason why she got the votes she did. >> why it became such a serious issue is because of the creditation of the university was at stake. and they were saying you don't have the proper protocols to do this. and apparently everybody has kissed and made up in terms of outward appearances. >> yeah, publicly kissed and made up in the name of teamwork, but many question whether the team is working and whether the university has suffered irreputable damage. >> only time will tell. most people will say it has not. i think there might be concern
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if she made this bag mistake, will she make other bad mistakes, and people viewed it and said no it's time to give her a second chance. >> there's a push by this administration to become more of a research institution in addition to the teaching capabilities. that's going to be the test. put the petal to the metal, and commuters complained the speed limit on the icc is too low and they complain the tolls are too high, so do you believe a higher speed limit will help to fix what is ailing the icc, which everybody seems to complain about. >> a lot of people wish they could lower the prices and that would encourage a lot of people to use it, the tolls. and we will have to wait and see. but certainly the combination of
6:27 am
unrealistic speed limits and high tolls is going to cut the icc, and it was to raise revenue and people don't like it because of cops arresting them or because they have to pay too much they are not going to get revenue. >> and people, they are going 60 and 70 miles per hour anyway, and so i don't think changing the speed limit is going to do that much, but as far as the tolls are concerned, i agree again the fact that the tolls -- a lot of people wanted to get from point a to point b without paying a lot of money, and those tolls are going to continue to go up. >> and those going 60 and 70 miles per hour think they are being unfairly punished for exceeding the limits, and the
6:28 am
projections are on track for what they should be. >> i think 60 is reasonable on most highways today in america. >> i don't. >> that's because you are a slow driver. >> thank you. >> you have bad tires on your car. >> thank you, guys. >> remember to obey the speed limit wherever you are and thank you for being with us this morning. and stay with us now. "news4 today" continues. hi, and good morning and welcome to "news4 today." i am angie goff. >> i am richard jordan. today is sunday february 3rd, 2013. what about the snow, is there more on the way today? >> the answer is yes, and not much falling inside the capital beltway just yet but there are light snow flurries westbound on
6:29 am
interstate 66 out past gainesville and towards front royal. be on the lookout first thing this morning for a little light snow shower activity and had snow late yesterday as well after the sun went down so there are slippery spots on the roads this morning so be careful. and you folks north of maryland are in the low 20s and mid to upper 20s in and around town, and we are up to a cold start this morning, and only in the mid-30s by around noontime and for your sunday out and about this afternoon, cold again, and can't really completely rule out a chance of a little snow shower or two but temperatures this afternoon should be mid to upper 30s, so those snow showers should melt on contact, and if you are wondering what the game is going to be like in new orleans, temperatures in the 50s and 60s and the game is in a dome, so we are talking about tailgating weather. and super bowl xlvii about 12 hours until the ravens and
6:30 am
49ers battle it out for that lombardi trophy down in new orleans. >> and you can be sure fans are already having a good time. nbc's jay gray joins us from the big easy this morning. good morning, jay. >> reporter: good morning, richard and angie. the sun not quite up yet here but fans have been for days getting ready for what is going to happen here in just a few hours. game day in new orleans, the gates are in place and banners and security on the air and on the ground is set. >> go ravens. >> go niners! >> reporter: and the big party in the big easy is about to hit its peak. >> it's an awesome party place. >> reporter: a bicycle brigade unleashed, but tonight it will be the niners or the ravens taking home the trophy. but even before kickoff, there's a clear winner. >> couldn't ask for a better
6:31 am
town or better people, and it's been amazing. >> reporter: this week the image of new orleans seems to have been transformed. no talk of katrina or the oil spill, instead evidence of resurgence of the city. >> it's about the city saying, you know what? we're not giving up. >> reporter: no question, new orleans is back and better than ever. >> nothing beats this town. >> there are so many places. it's endless. you can spend weeks here. >> reporter: locals will tell you that's not a bad idea. mardi gras ramps back up after the game. this is not only an image and pr boost for the city but estimates are the super bowl will bring $430 million or more for the economy. >> and we heard there was an influx of ravens fans versus
6:32 am
49ers, what is your take on this? >> reporter: yeah, i think you are right, there are more 49ers fans making their way into town, and all last week a lot more ravens fan -- or they are a lot more vocal. >> that may be it, they are just louder than the other fans. and police are warning be safe. they are looking for drunk drivers. super bowl sunday is one of the deadliest nights of the year for alcohol-related crashes. police want you to decide on who the designated driver is before going out and to call a cab or take a person's keys if you feel they cannot drive. this morning police in boston say a bus full of students shod have never been on the road it was traveling on when it crashed into a bridge. the charter bus was full of students and their chaperons that visited harvard university
6:33 am
last night, and more than 30 were injured, and police say the bus was too tall for the road and the driver could be charged to see the sign for prohibiting a vehicle that size. and then friends and family paid their respect yesterday to 66-year-old charles polen jr. a man stopped the bus and demanded two of the children, and when the bus driver refused the bus driver was shot and took the boy. today marks day six of the standoff. and then the "washington post" reports. he claims his wives death was
6:34 am
the result of an iranian hit for him. his trial is set to start next month. and the fire department, there are changes and not everybody is happy. >> the fire officials announce that career personnel are being pulled from our fire stations in the county and relocated to other stations. the fire chief told me in a phone interview that it's about balancing resources in tough budget times. >> while we are coming out of four locations with all of the career staff, we are enhancing staffing at nine other places. >> the volunteers at the stations seeing reductions in personnel are concerned that it could jeopardize public safety. the president of the branchville firefighter station tells me,
6:35 am
chances are at times nobody would be here to answer fire calls. and a chief says they say it's not going to but we believe it will. we don't think we will be able to staff the station during the day. the station's losing career personnel are these stations. >> there will not be anybody around during the day. the volunteers can only be here so many hours a week because they have real jobs outside of the firehouse during the day to support their families. >> county fire chief says there is a lot of duplication and overlapping in the county, and he points out that there are two other fire stations within less than a mile of the branchville firehouse. >> it is important to note that we are not closing any fire houses. we are going to continue to maintain and support those voluntary companies anyway we
6:36 am
can. >> and all of the changes go into effect starting march 4th. we are expecting a critical vote on capitol hill in the week ahead. >> it could be telling for the obama administration. we are going to discuss the confirmation process with chuck todd. and they may just look like road signs but did you know they are designed to protect you in an accident. i got it when we could download an hd movie in like two minutes.
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ask me about the upload speeds. [ male announcer ] so, send a tweet, and get the real scoop from a real fios customer. supercharge your internet speeds. switch to fios online for only $94.99 a month and we'll triple your speed for free with an upgrade to fios quantum internet. call the verizon center plus, get $250 back for customers with disabilities with a 2-year agreement. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. this is undoubtly a time of transition for the obama administration. >> here to talk about the changes happening now and others ahead, we have chuck todd. a treat to have you here on a sunday. >> feels early. >> hope you had your coffee.
6:40 am
we want to get started with senator john kerry taking on the role of secretary of state and he is having to deal with all the problems having plagued the administration over the last four years, and now new issues when we are looking ahead at the last turkey bombing. >> yeah, there's a new team as there's a new secretary of defense as well, and it's the same group of people chasing al qaeda just in the new area in the north africa issue, and all of this stems from the arab spring and the instability in egypt and libya and these places and it's causing problems in north africa. and john kerry, his job will be trying to figure out how to get other countries to help militarily since there will not be a lot of appetite for the united states to be doing it alone. >> what do you think about the
6:41 am
administration with the bombing. >> the administration believes this was a success security wise. you don't want to see anybody die, but this is a case where the security parameter worked and this person did not get through, so you see that there was certainly the proper amount of security on that compound. this was a much different area than benghazi. >> with the latest bombing in turkey we have the administration looking beyond the urlg suspects when we talk about al qaeda. they are looking at groups that had their hey day in the '80s and '90s. >> you think about turkey sharing a border with syria right now and there's a lot of uncertainty there, and iran trying to prom that the government, and so it's clear this is a very unstable area.
6:42 am
>> and chuck hagel, he was before the firing squad this week. we have a clip, an exchange between mccain and hagel. listen. >> were you correct or incorrect when you said that the surge would be the most dangerous foreign policy blunder in this country since vietnam? >> well, i will not give you a yes or no and i think it's far more complicated than that. >> how do you think he handled that? >> he seemed to struggle the entire season, and they did mock hearings according to administration and people i talked to, and chuck hagel made the decision he would not have arguments during that. and we will see leon pennetta on "meet the press," and he was very tough on the republican, and he thought the republicans showed that it was clear that
6:43 am
they had their political knives out to try to carve up chuck hagel. >> this is quite the duo, and all of the hot spots you talked about, we get into that conversation. >> thank you. >> see you later. if you filled up your tank lately you probably noticed gas prices are up. right now gas prices are the highest they have been since -- they have ever been this time of the year actually. and aaa says it's up over $3.50. in virginia it's jumped two cents to $3.40. when the snow falls, driving can be tough but did you know if weather forces you off the road you could be putting more people in danger.
6:44 am
>> reporter: that old saying snow nor rain nor heat your gloom of night doesn't just apply to the post office, it also applies to drivers. there's not much that stops folks from getting on the road and sometimes the weather leads to this, cars on the side of the road, some plowing through whatever is in that car's way with thousands of signs like these on the roads, they often become a forgotten casualty to severe weather events. this man sees signs go down, and his job is to get them back up as soon as possible. and that means replacement within 24 hours for critical signs, and no more than a few days for anything else. >> they will process the work hour and that will be linked to the sign and we take it out and replace it. >> reporter: they make all of the signs right here most in a matter of minutes, but there's a lot of thought that goes into the signs, mainly about safety, like the breakaway sign bases.
6:45 am
>> if a vehicle impacts the sign it kicks up and away from the vehicle, so it does not go in and hurt anybody. >> reporter: often seen, but rarely remembered. >> cool. it's all it takes, really, a dusting of snow. >> saying this not jokingly, it's the first half inch to an inch that does the most harm because that's the one that people takes the least seriously. you need to slow down the minute you see the first snowflake fly across the windchill, because it could be sticking to the road and that little coating of ice gives you a little more confidence than you should have at that time. outside this morning, a very cool looking sky out there. look at that beautiful picture.
6:46 am
a nice little cloud structure just to the east of the capital dome there. and a lot of clouds this morning, and snowflakes flying as well. 29 downtown. no snow right here inside the capitol beltway. and we will be dealing with a passing snow shower or flury or two, and as you get ready to go out to early sunday services temperatures in the 20s now, and your hometown forecast, 10:30 this morning below the freezing mark and most of the snow showers will come to an end and a windchill by 1:00 up in the mid-30s and maybe a peeks of sunshine coming our way, and 4:00 still above the freezing mark, and that should allow the little coating the snow that we had to melt away and disappear, and below the freezing mark after 7:00, and by 11:00 back down into the 20s once again.
6:47 am
and highs area wide today, upper 30s around town, and so the little snow we have out there this morning, here is where it's on radar, panhandle of west virginia along i-81, and this is generally coming eastbound so we are expecting a couple chances of snow showers in and around the city this morning, and winter weather advisories for the counties outside the mountains in west virginia, and that will expire in the next hour or so. with temperatures this afternoon above the freezing mark, it can still snow, it just won't have that much luck sticking down to the ground. overnight tonight, skies will clear out just a bit and allow for a cold but quiet start on your monday. we will see sunshine throughout lunchtime tomorrow, and then the clouds come racing back in and another clipper goes racing by here late tomorrow night into the predawn hours of tuesday morning and here we are 6:30 on tuesday morning and that should pull out of the area.
6:48 am
and this morning, cloudy cold and a few snow showers around and going out to the pregame festivities, 2:00 to 5:00 around town, and snow showers and snow flurries coming to an end, and during the game the temperatures will go below freezing between kickoff and game end and after the game temperatures in the mid to upper 20s. slippery and cold. be careful. any little puddles out there during the course of the day will refreeze and you need to be extra careful after the game today, and don't need any more drunk driving fatalities because it's such a dangerous day already. not a lot of snow amounts to talk about. and one-third of an inch per event. we need about 36 more of these in order to get to average. we are running out of daylight and winter. >> 36 more of these?
6:49 am
>> i know. >> that's more days than there is in a month. >> yeah, we would have to get all the way to st. patrick's day just to have a foot of snow. >> thanks, chuck. a special honor this weekend for rg3. >> here what the skins' quarterback told us about his road to recovery. [ elizabeth ] i like to drink orange juice or have lemon in my water...
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it's not just any sunday, it's super bowl sunday. you are taking a live look at the superdome down in the big easy, down in new orleans.
6:53 am
big easy is what some call it. that's what i meant. and people are still trying to buy tickets for this thing and they are going for a minimum of $1,000. i bet a lot of ravens fans are up early because they couldn't sleep all night because they were so excited. >> yeah, to seat match-up between the san francisco 49ers. big game tonight. >> speak of sports, the list of awards for robert griffin iii ramps up. >> we have that in this morning's sports minute. >> good sunday morning, and last night a big night for robert griffin iii down in new orleans, the nfl awards show, he picked up more hardware winning the nfl offensive rookie of the year. after his knee surgery, he glided up the stairs without a limp to get his rookie of the year trophy.
6:54 am
and dan hellie spoke to him. how is the knee feeling? >> went through the toughest part already, and it's now just about being smart and not pushing it too much and that's what the doctors are there for to keep me from doing too much. it's just about being smart. i am a little bit ahead as well, as you can see. i just have to make sure that i am smart about it and think long term rather than short term. >> griffin says he is ahead of schedule and with no doubt will be back for the 2013 season. have a great super bowl sunday, everybody. today millions around the country and the world will enjoy what has become one of the biggest events of the year, and we're not talking about the super bowl. >> no, it's the puppy bowl. and brian williams has the cute
6:55 am
pooches. >> it would be nice to think actual nfl refs did this before the game, but this being a puppy bowl, he is an actor and a good one, but to be honest all we are really interested in is that moment when the command goes out and the guest of honor arrive. >> when people walk in the room, what do they usually say at first? >> i think they are surprised by how small it is. because the puppies end up looking kind of big on it. >> the puppies' job as they see it is to love anybody with a pulse on the field on the tiny sound stage on the west side of manhattan, they do everything puppies do at home, wrestle and play and pee. >> and poop patrol. come on in. >> we have many personal fouls and we try to not get those exposed too much. >> there's a half-time show of
6:56 am
kittins which some people find exploitive and others find it empowering to the kittins, and then back to the action. a field of dreams and a roomful of puppies, and pearl got to us and our relationship escalated quickly and in my own defense she was all over me. oh, stop kissing me. okay, if you must. importantly, these are shelter dogs, all 63 of them, and because right down to their individual player profiles on the web, they are all so irresistible, and that's the one frustration viewers may have with this show taped so far in advance. >> is it at all frustrating, the people who don't know the lead time, and they call in or e-mail you, i want to adopt pearl, and pearl is already in a happy home situation. >> your home. >> or, one like ours, but you can a assure people they all go
6:57 am
and live in good homes. >> they do, and they all go to happy and healthy homes, right? >> if your team is not in the big game on sunday if there are too many penalty time-outs, and come to think of it, we have them here, too, you may consider this the warm and fuzzy game day alternative. >> you are retkeua reduckious - ridiculously cute. >> wonder if he took him home? >> that's going to do it for "news4 today." after the break, news4's "viewpoint" is coming up. stay with us.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, and welcome to news4 today. i am angie goff. >> and i am richard jordan. we start this hour with a check of your forecast. >> we want to get straight form to team 4 meteorologist, chuck bell. good morning, chuck. >> good morning, everybody. your sunday is off to a cloudy and cold start this morning and there are still more snow showers out there, out into the panhandle of west virginia. they are inching their way towards the capital beltway. don't expect a lot with this. these are countable snowflakes
7:01 am
out there and may not be enough to coat the ground but it will be enough to make a slippery spot or two on the road. be extra careful. temperatures in the low to mid-20s in northern and western areas, and middle and upper 20s around downtown. most everybody below freezing right now, and a passing snow flury or two throughout the rest of the morning, and temperatures should get above the freezing mark around noontime today, and temperatures mid to upper 30s, so it will be a cloudy and cold day, and snow showers and snow flurries yes, and accumulations, no. back to you. >> taking a look at our top stories now. driving on georgia avenue near the wheaton metro station in montgomery county will be a little challenging today. crews are scheduled to shut down some lanes in wheaton. the closure is expected to last until four this afternoon. one progun control group is reaching out to d.c. viewers. the group, mayors against
7:02 am
illegal guns calls out the nra for running background khubgz. it's set to run only in our area. and then this is the third time the caps and pens have played on super bowl sunday. you can catch the game today on nbc 4. next, nbc 4's "viewpoint." >> we will be back in a few minutes with another update. welcome to "viewpoint." i am jim handly. the economy is booming and crime is down and the population is growing. and our guests for the half hour today, d.c. mayor, vincent gray. >> delighted to be here. >> how did we get here? this would be the envy of most jurisdictions around the country. >> a lot of hard work most of all. and i want to thank everybody in the city to help make it happen.
7:03 am
some of it was additional revenue because of our economy is booming now, and we are doing very well and we have people moving into the city and page more income taxes and some is from money dedicated to specifi purposes, for example when a person goes into a cvs and pays 5 cents for a bag, and that goes into a special fund, and we had $90 million additional, which will help do things for the city, and we had a small amount of under spending. it was broadly based and spread out and we are excited. i think we are doing as well economically as anywhere in the country. >> that begs the question i guess for some residents, would this mean a reduction in the income taxes which are among the highest in the country. >> i don't think we are quite at that point, jim. we have needs that have to be met. we will talk about those in the
7:04 am
state of district address on tuesday night. we have housing needs that we need to address. we have a workforce that i think does a great job in our city for our residents. they have not had a raise in a very long time. and so i think that there are investments that we need to make and then we will continue to look at ways in which we can give not only good services to the people in the city and also additional relief down the road. >> and the safety net programs, which is what you have been talking about too, this week, that's a possibility for where you are talking about investing some of the money? >> it is, and certainly housing is one of those programs. we are trying to do everything we can also to help people move from being on welfare to a job. we are already making more investments and helping people get their assessment done and doing it as quickly as we can as soon as they apply for and determine eligible for, and the welfare program in the city and working to get them a job, and
7:05 am
really there is not a better dignity than getting a job and having a salary that you earned at the end of the week or every two weeks. job training is a big focus. where does the district stand, particularly ward 7 and 8 which has been a problem? >> we have a lot of work to do. when i came into office the unemployment rate was 11.2%, and it's down to 8.5. we are going in the right tkr g direction. the unemployment rates have been very high in wards 5, 7 and 8 and we have seen reductions there, especially as a result of our city hire program through which we almost have 5,300 people jobs. when i came into office, the unemployment rate was one of the highest in any city in the
7:06 am
nation, and we are making progress, and we are down to 20.7%, which is still huge, but we are going in the right direction. it's down in ward 7, and it's down in ward 5. we are working on getting people trained and getting people into jobs. >> other numbers moving in the right direction. crime and homicides way down than what we have seen in the last couple years. from a police perspective what do you attribute it to? >> great leadership. i think kathy lanear has done a great job at police chief. and the team working together has provided fantastic leadership, and frankly, really turning community policing into something concrete and means something. establishing relationships with people in communities, and letting people know that if they see something, say something, and feel comfortable about doing that, jim, and that's helping to solve crimes. the rate at which crimes are
7:07 am
being solved now in the city is as fast as anywhere in the nation, and that keeps people from being repeaters, and frankly it sends a message, too, if you commit a crime you are going to be brought to justice and being brought to justice quickly. >> since you took office the number of street officers ballooned by more than 300. >> that's right. and we are -- i promised we would get the police force back up, over 3,900. given the fact that we have so much development going on, and we will have for example this year 4,400 new employees on the west side campus because the coast guard headquarters will open. development all over the city, and new businesses opening and 1,000 to 1,100 residents moving into the city every month. by the way, we have a population larger than two states, wyoming and vermont. >> 1,100 a month i was hearing?
7:08 am
>> yeah, 632,000 people living in the district of columbia. it's an exciting place to be. i have now asked the council for support for another 100 police officers. i think we will get the support. the chair that chaired the judiciary committee forany years sent a letter saying he is excited about supporting that so that will allow us to get up to about 4,000 officers in the city, jim. >> we will talk more about the council after the short break. gun control, you have been visible and vocal in recent weeks. much more to get to after the i got it when we could download an hd movie in like two minutes.
7:09 am
7:10 am
[ male announcer ] once you've got verizon fios -- america's fastest, most reliable internet -- you get it. but don't take our word for it, ask a real fios customer. ask me why fiber optics matters. ask me about the upload speeds. [ male announcer ] so, send a tweet, and get the real scoop from a real fios customer. supercharge your internet speeds. switch to fios online for only $94.99 a month and we'll triple your speed for free with an upgrade to fios quantum internet. call the verizon center plus, get $250 back for customers with disabilities with a 2-year agreement. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. welcome back to "viewpoint." our guest this sunday morning, mayor vincent gray from the district. you have been very, as i mentioned, visible and vocal in recent weeks in response to the
7:11 am
massacre in connecticut. >> absolutely. >> i think in the post they mentioned you see that as a real affirmation, we are doing what works. >> yeah, and you look at what is being called by the president and vice president and they are talking about a task force that produced that vice president biden chaired, and those are the things we are already doing, a ban on the assault weapons and background checks, and we have waiting periods if you purchase a gun in the district of columbia, you have to wait ten days to get the gun to make sure you are somebody who is responsible. and also looking at people having some degree of training on how to use a gun.
7:12 am
we are going to create a new department in the city, and the department of mental health will be merged with the administration on the substance abuse administration, and the purpose of that is to put together the services that we have because a lot of people use both of them. but it also will allow us to focus on the mental health aspects of the violence that we have seen. you look at the back grounds of these people who committed the heinous crimes, and they have serious mental health problems. and i think every big city has got to to the extent has to step up his own game in terms of the mental health services that is available, and this will give us an opportunity to do this as well. >> if it's a third prong, it's the cultural violence, the media, movies, tv, music and the internet, too. does that need to be addressed just as much when we say we will address guns and mental health?
7:13 am
>> it does. as technology, for example, it widens and grows and we become more sophisticated, it opens up new avenues. two people were interacting through the internet, you know, these dating services, if you will, where people get connected. we saw a situation where a young lady showed up, i guess to meet this guy who she had been communicating with and she killed her, shot her. we have got to look at that. we have to look at the impact. we have constitutional amendments to talk about free speech, and we want to preserve that. and there has to be regulation of the mechanisms. i continue to be very concerned with some of the violence we see, there's nothing but a replication of what our young people are seeing on television or some of the video games that are increasing levi luly violen.
7:14 am
i support having police officers in the schools and i have no problem with them being armed because they are trained. you start talking about having teachers and others who would be armed, i don't support that and i think it's irresponsible and it's like a return of the frontier area in this country. >> let's talk about the council which we touched on at the top. how would you describe the relationship with the council, and of course they had a dramatic year, and new faces this year. some, you know, accused of behavior unbecoming and in fact illegal. how would you describe your relationship with them? >> i think it's good. you will always have tension between the executive branch and legislative branch. i was part of the council for
7:15 am
six years, and two years as ward seven and four years as the chairman. i have enormous respect important what the council does. the new member, i remember when he was a staff member as the committee director for sharon ambrose, the committee on economic development. so they are all dedicated people and they work hard and they have at times different points of view than i do and you have to sit down and work through those. >> have to ask you about the status in the probe of the m mayoral race of 2010? >> i turned it all over to the person representing me in the process, and i have nothing new to report, jim. >> can you say you are cooperating with prosecutors? >> i left it to my attorney to deal with and i followed his direction to the letter, and he is somebody that is imminent and highly respected, so whatever he
7:16 am
redirects me to do that's what i am doing at this stage. >> kudos to the inauguration, and what a week it was for this city to shine. we saw one gesture on the license plate of the president. do you see that gesture taking us to that next level of statehood in this term? >> i hope so. i really believe this is a wonderful time for the president to wake up and be an advocate for the city. his inaugural speech was outstanding where he talked about the basic principles on which this nation was founded, and the declaration of independence and the constitution, and lines like all men being created equal which comes from one of the basic documents, and i think about the district, where we don't have a vote in the house of representatives, and we can't approve the spending of our own
7:17 am
money when certainly we have proven ourselves to be immensely responsible in managing our finance. >> he has a lot on his plate, and what makes you think it will object his plate this year or next year or two years from now? >> i want him to be vocal about it. we are prepared to be advocates for ourselves, but there is no leader like the president of the united states, and there's no bully pulpit like the president of the united states enjoys. he did put in his '13 budget, the district out to be budget ataught me. i want him to say it's the right thing to do, and just as he talked about the right things to do in terms of equality in his inaugural speech, and just say it for the district of columbia as well. >> and that's probably a preview
7:18 am
for your speech on tuesday. >> it will in there. i talk about this issue everywhere i go and everybody that will listen to me because it's the right thing to do. when you look at us, the fact that aation as i indicated earlier exceeds that of two states. we are very responsible, the things we are doing, you talked about crime and we are going in the right direction, and the lowest number of homicides in 51 years, under 100, under 100 in the district of columbia in 2012. unemployment rate going down by almost three percentage points. and economic development taking place all over the city. our deputy mayor is ready to count the cranes in the city, and 55 cranes in all of the city doing building. and you look at the fiscal condition of the city. $1.5 billion in the fund balance. this is going to help us with our bond ratings on wall street,
7:19 am
which will help us with the interest rates that we have to pay. it will allow us to have lower interest rates and devout more money to services in the city and be able to borrow more to build buildings in the city. >> when i am stuck in traffic, i count the cranes. that lifts you up. thank you, we will be right back
7:20 am
i am angie goff. here are some of the stories we are following early this morning. this weekend marks two years since a man was shot in d.c.'s shawn neighborhood. andrew hosted a party last night to raise money for former congresswoman gabrielle giffords, and her efforts to support stringer gun laws is something he reports, and he is
7:21 am
now fully recovered. and a track problem is outside friendship heights. there are delays in both directions. and six metro stations are closing down on the orange line between federal center, southwest and cheverly, and four stations on the blue line are also being impacted. everything should be open in time for tomorrow's rush. and we will have your forecast and more news in 15 minutes, but for now back to "viewpoint." welcome back. we want to talk about something that came out in "the post" this week. this game under controversy last year involving former council member thomas. they called for the elimination of it, and what are your thoughts on this and the role it plays in getting money to nonprofits? >> i think it plays a valuable role. i certainly realize the history,
7:22 am
you know, certainly a couple years ago, last year, but we have got new leadership over there, and we have robert bob who is an outstanding city administrator here in the city. i asked him if he would take on the responsibility of being on the board, and he was elected and chair of the board almost from day one, and did a great job on bringing stability to the governing body. and new executive director, ed davies, who has worked with me on a number of projects and too has brought stability to the staff. what we have to recognize -- the organization was actually created by former mayor tony williams. and the purpose was worthy then and the purpose continues to be worthy, and that's to get get grant money out to organizations that provide after school programs. i think that purpose continues to be important. a lot of organizations depend on that to provide services that are critical, jim. i think what we tried to do is to make the organization better
7:23 am
so we don't wind up throwing the baby out with the bathwater. >> 632,000 residents in the district right now. talk about how the neighborhoods have changed this city, and how the neighborhoods are changing. >> neighborhoods are changing. they are growing and developing. we are -- we pride ourselves on the diversity in the city, and it's becoming an increasingly diverse city and increasingly dynamic. you look at the business development and the restaurants that are popping up in various places across the city. you look at the development in ward 8, for example, and the unemployment rate starting to come down. a long ways to go. and you look at the development plans that we, jim, for example on the east side of the st. elizabeth campus, and we already started work on a food pavilion there, and we have plans for three technology firms, and an
7:24 am
energy firm there, and can you believe it? for the first time -- a lot going on. i think people love the alternative modes of transportation that we have. and we have bicycles and lanes that are developing, and the circulator is expanding. metro is growing. we look forward to having the streetcar system up and running in the city as well. >> we are going to get your take on the super bowl tonight when we come right back. stick around.
7:25 am
7:26 am
welcome back. school enrollment in d.c. has
7:27 am
not been this high in 84 years. you have families moving in and they want to stay, not just in the elementary school level and also in middle and high school now. >> that's right. a lot of modernization has gone on with schools over the last several years, and the out standing chancellor henderson is doing a great job leading the cps, and the charter schools are coming providing choice, and i am proud asperpespecially of thy childhood education programs. we have the most robust early childhood education programs. >> for everybody? >> it's universal. we have to continue to improve quality and make sure the distribution of the seats is the way it should be. we have some areas where we have vacant seats and some areas with waiting lists but when you do
7:28 am
the math we have seats for every child in the district of columbia and we will get the seat distribution as well. >> i want to talk about cars and the speed cameras that everybody seems to be talking about, because they seem to be everywhere. a lot of people say it's about the revenue. how do you convince them otherwise? >> listen to the chief when she talks about it, that above a certain -- below a certain level of speed, if you get hit by a car you have an 80% chance of survival, above a certain level you have an 20% of getting killed. it's one of the reasons why -- and frankly the council, too, worked on lowering some of the fines. we don't want to lower them to a point where it then takes the incentive out of people to pay attention to the speeds at which they are traveling in cars. >> you will admit in some of the
7:29 am
poorer areas, these tickets could be a big blow to some people that can't afford them. >> people should follow the law, and that's a good way to avoid the tickets and not worry about the fines. 75% of the tickets issued are the people that don't live in the district of khreof columbia. >> super bowl sunday, who are you going to go with? >> it's a tough one. how can you not have the emotional appeal of ray lewis playing his last game? what a great football player and a great human being and a great leader he has proven to be. on the other hand, we look at the san francisco 49ers, and vernon davis, one of the best tight ends to every play and went to dunbar high school here which is the high school that i graduated from, and it's a tough call. >> you are a redskins fan at heart. how optimistic are you about them getting back in the city? >> optimistic. they have a tight lease where
7:30 am
they are now, and they should be in washington, and they are a washington football team and should be based in washington and i will work as hard as i can to make that happen. >> we will listen for your address on the state of the district on tuesday night. thank you so much, and great to see you as always. thank you for having us in on "viewpoint" this sunday morning. enjoy the super bowl tonight and enjoy the rest of your day, everybody. good morning, and welcome to news4 today. i am angie goff. >> i am richard jordan. it's sunday, february 3rd, 2013. if the snowflakes you saw yesterday were not enough for you, you could be in luck. >> i want it to be warmer than yesterday. it was so bitter, chuck. >> it was cold, and you are both correct, high temperature only 32 literally freezing degrees. it will be a milder day today,
7:31 am
and not a lot warmer but above the freezing mark. 27 in washington right now, and winds out of the northeast at 5 miles per hour, so not a lot of windchill to worry about. light snow showers and flurries out here, and primarily into winchester, and martinsburg and west virginia as well. not a lot of snow out there but just a few conversational snowflakes drifting by. and temperatures are cold for sure, mid to upper 20s around town, and highs should climb into the mid and upper 40s for you near fredericksburg, so milder today and still a chance of a couple snowflakes as well. a former navy s.e.a.l. is dead after a shooting at a texas gun range. chris kyle was author of the best selling book "american sniper." he and one man died after a man open fire in a range in ft.
7:32 am
worth. the motive is still unclear. kyle was 38 years old. this morning, a tense hostage stretches into the sixth day as police negotiate with a man that shot and killed a bus driver and then took off with a 5-year-old boy. today funeral services will be held for 66-year-old charles poland junior. dikes stopped the bus he was driving and he shot the man and took off with a boy named ae thupb. he is keeping the boy in an underground pbunker. you can see smoke and flames, and investigators think it started in the basement. it took more than a dozen firefighters to put it out, and nobody was hurt. and one of two fires broke out in buoy. and these are pictures from the
7:33 am
scene of the 1800 block of price lane. paramedics treated the victim at the scene there. and then four people displaced in the group home in buoy, and nobody was hurt there. the cause of both fires remain under investigation. a deaf man is suing the district over his treatment. the man said the jail did not provide an american sign language interpreter for him. >> reporter: william pierce communicates primarily threw american sign language, and has all his life and written english is considered a second language, and last year pierce went to jail, 60 days to a simple assault charge and that's when his problems started. >> there was no interpreter there for him at intake or any of the medical appointments and he had medical problems or at any of his classes, he was taking an anger management class.
7:34 am
>> attorney author spitzer is representing him. he says pierce's treatment ran afile with the americans with disabilities act, and the jail is bound by law to comply with. >> they did not provide it for him. >> according to the lawsuit, what he did get was solitary confinement for two weeks and he was handcuffed during visits with his family. >> it would be the same if he put a gag in his mouth of an ordinary speaking and hearing prisoner. >> it's why we have the audible crossing signifies for folks visually impaired, and cutaways for people who have visual issues. but nothing helped pierce while he was in jail despite the please from his caseworker and
7:35 am
family, and the lawsuit seeks fees for damages. >> they need to live up to their obligations. >> there was no comment from the agency on the pending lawsuit. and reportedly turning to a political rookie to fill john kerry's vacant seat. an romney is on the list. scott brown who was expected to throw his hat in the rink announces he will not run in the upcoming election. romney has never run for officer before, and there are rumors the oldest son tag is interested in the vacant seat. later this morning on "meet the press," we will hear from outgoing secretarilyy ly aup se. he says the questions focus too
7:36 am
much on hagel's past statements and not the future of the defense department. chuck todd is filling in for david gregory this week on "meet the press," and he will interview pennetta as well as the martin tkedempsey. he did join us earlier today and he said they would be talking about hagel's possible confirmation. and meantime the nra is weighing in on this photo showing president obama firing a shotgun last summer at camp david. he was asked if he was ever fired a gun, and the nra responded saying one picture does not erase a lifetimef supporting every gun ban, end quote. and the president is leading the charge on gun control since the killings at sandy hook.
7:37 am
people here in d.c. will notice an ad that pushes for tighter gun control and takes aim at the national rifle association. >> the nra once supported background checks. >> we think it's reasonable to provide mandatory instant background checks for every sale at every gun show, and no loopholes anywhere for anyone. >> the group is co-chaired by new york mayor michael bloomberg and the ad is only set to run in our area, which means the group did not pay the full amount it is to run an ad. rg3 was named the associated press offensive rookie of the year last night in new orleans.
7:38 am
he tweeted out, truly humbled. and he made news by making his first public appearance since undergoing knee surgery and he says he will be ready to go for training camp. >> wow, i knew that was coming. i did. as many as you countdown to the super bowl, we are helping you get the party menu together. >> i am liz crenshaw. finger foods for super bowl sunday. recipes anybody can tackle coming up. the county that can soon take ownership of student assignments. what are you feeling today? ravens? 49ers? hit us up on twitter, and search "news4
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7:40 am
7:41 am
right now delays on metro's red line. trains are single tracking between friendship heights and van yes, and there are delays in both directions.
7:42 am
students may soon not have any ownership over their work, according to the "washington post," the board is looking at a measure that would copy right work by staff and students as its own. it would not belong to the work to the person that created them. that has activist concerned. if approved it would be the first to adopt such a rule. and a senate committee will decide whether to increase the fine from $20 to $250 and make it a primary offense meaning somebody can stop a driver solely for texting, and right now they can only ticket you if you are pulled over for something else like speeding. in the week ahead one of the leaders in the fight against slavery will be moving to a more
7:43 am
prominent place in washington. each state has two statues in the capital, but delegate norton pushed to move the statue to the capitol. and rosa parks stamp goes on sale. the stamp honoring parks celebrates freedom and courage and equality. she helped to advance the civil rights movement when she refused to give up her seat on the bus to a white man. >> on tuesday, vincent gray will give his state of the district address. the mayor will report on the financial status of the district and outline his plans for the year. the address will happen tuesday night at 6:00 in northwest. and dr. arlene accraman died
7:44 am
yesterday morning in new mexico as a battle with pancreatic cancer. she left to lead school districts in san francisco and philadelphia. she was 66 years old. the "today" show is next on nbc 4, and it starts at 8:00. >> erica hill is joining us live from new york. >> nice to see you both. just ahead on "today," a former navy s.e.a.l. shot and killed at a shooting range in texas on saturday. we are going to have the latest details on that for you. we are live on the scene of that on going hostage drama in alabama. it's now day six for a little boy being held in an underground bunker. and days before president obama hits the road to hit his plan for gun control, the white house releases this photo, and a lot of questions about the message that all of this ends. and speaking of new photos, new
7:45 am
photos of kate middleton revealing the first hint of a baby bump, and of course it's super bowl sunday, and hours to go until kickoff, and we are live in new orleans with the fans and the fun and a little bit of food here in the studio so we don't feel completely left out. that's ahead when we get started on a sunday here on "today" guys. >> we are looking forward to the kate middleton pictures, and we have our own baby bump. >> i am more excited about that, more than kate's. >> i can't believe you didn't show a glimpse. >> we have to make you watch, angie. >> we will be there. a michigan soldier after losing his leg in afghanistan is finally home this morning, and thanks to his community he gets to recover in a new house. >> sergeant and his wife, dana,
7:46 am
walk into their new house for the very first time. >> it's definitely an upgrade. closer to family, my dad is five minutes away and her parents, two minutes away. >> the couple had been livering at the walter reed medical center, and he lost his leg and damaged both hands while serving in afghanistan. enter operation finally home. >> our company is a nonfor profit that builds mortgage-free homes for wounded warriors and their families. >> they contacted pulte homes of michigan, and they contacted their vendors. >> many donated in varying degrees, but everybody came together to make it possible. >> $60,000 for the lot, and $200,000 or more for materials and labor, and thousand this hero can finally call this his home. >> i don't know what to say. it's just so overwhelming. i can't believe i am a
7:47 am
homeowner. >> great story. for more information on operation finally home, and to see how you can donate, we have a link on our website, some local brides to be got a chance to get a wedding dress as well as support a good cause. the event brides against breast cancer came here yesterday, and money raised went straight to breast cancer patients and their families. for some the event meant more than just a good deal on a dress. >> two of my aunts were diagnosed with breast cancer three months apart and they caught it on time and have been going through the chemotherapy, and coming out today was a worthy cause, and it's very near and dear to my heart. >> the event raised close to $15,000, and another event is planned for this september. great way to save and inspire. >> no kidding. so what is going on? >> give it to us, chuck.
7:48 am
>> more snow? >> discounted wedding dresses, can't top that. you need to keep your snow expectations very low. there are snowflakes flying out there right now on our city camera view, a view of the u.s. capitol dome, obscured because of light snow trying to sneak insi inside the beltway. full cloud cover out there and it's cold for sure. nearly every neighborhood below the freezing mark, and we are 27 now at national airport. and winds are fairly light. and temperatures all below freezing, and 26 degrees silver spring, and andrews air force base, all in the low 20s this morning. and huntingtown at 22 degrees.
7:49 am
and dale city, and triangle in the mid-20s. and then out towards dulles airport, a cold start. alexandria, virginia, current temperature 25 degrees. a hint of a windchill, and not much in the way of snow just yet. and up above the freezing mark at lunchtime today, and perhaps flirting with the upper 30s, and down to the freezing mark, and by nighttime tonight temperatures back in the mid-20s. and again, all extremely light snow at this point but snowflakes out here, and western fairfax county, and right along the dellious green way there, and then along interstate 66 right through the heart of northern foulk county, winchester, again, not a lot of snow and may not be enough to coat the ground but conversational snowflakes out
7:50 am
there this morning. and with temperatures below freezing, we could have slippery spots on the road. just be a little careful first thing this morning, and by around lunchtime today, a little on the snow. snow chances through sundown this evening, and amounts very light, and then tomorrow sunshine to get monday morning under way and clouds come back in by tomorrow afternoon, and still dry here at 7:30 tomorrow evening but the next clipper racing on in means another little snow chance coming in from sundown monday night to the predawn hours of tuesday morning. temperatures climbing in the low and mid-30s eventually, and for your super bowl, cloudy this afternoon, and temperatures in the upper 30s between 2:00 and 5:00 as you move to your super bowl watching location, and then game time temperatures in the upper 30s, and then back down into the mid-20s after the game is over, and be extra careful.
7:51 am
there could be a few slippery spots on the roads, and unfortunately a lot have one too many on super bowl sunday, and pick your designated driver early, and give them a brake -- break, and the keys. be safe. >> thanks, chuck. the stunt man practicing to pull off quite the performance. pull omy mom doesn't drinkance. starbucks coffee because she thinks it's too dark, and so i brought her some blonde roast. she loves it now. "my son made me this coffee," "you should try it, it's delicious." ♪
7:52 am
we know some people are never happy with the way things are. "you should try it, at honda,cious." and are always dreaming of how they could be. smarter, simpler, how-on-earth-does-it-do-that... er. and they make it that way. because things can always be better. we like those people. they think like us. introducing the best civic sedan yet. made possible by honda.
7:53 am
and some people found that a little bit strong. but as soon as they tasted blonde roast, boy they were on board. ♪
7:54 am
tomorrow one of the world's biggest daredevils will attempt his greatest feat. he practiced yesterday for the 27 story climb. his affinity for climbing actually started by accident. had he was 12 years old he was locked out of the family's apartment and decided to climb eight stories to open up a window. >> just 27 stories? >> just 27 stories. not too bad he was doing eight stories when he was a kid. >> i expect more from you, french spider-man. >> looking to score a touchdown when it comes to snacks at your super bowl party, and news4's
7:55 am
liz crenshaw is here to help. >> reporter: we are here with the personal chef. welcome. we will learn how to do fun finger foods for super bowl that anybody can tackle? >> anybody can tackle it. >> where do we start? >> let's start with hotdog chilly. let's start with white hot dogs, and phaupb ray jack cheese. easily, just reheat it. >> now a recipe that honors both teams? >> i call them sliders. it has a maryland crab cake and a san francisco avocado spread. >> make them using an ice cream scooper. >> for the san francisco avocado spread, you will take a nice
7:56 am
spoon, wipe out the avocado. >> a truly san francisco-baltimore treat. >> buy a bag of frozen chicken wings and buy your own sauce. >> add chopped chillies, and other spaoeusz. we are going to make a sandwich. we are going to add the italian salad. >> the super bowl is being played in new orleans? >> in new orleans.
7:57 am
>> and olive salad. the coldcuts. weigh it down with a heavy pot and bake. >> and then when you slice them, they don't fall apart when you eat them. >> oh, perfect. you have got something for those of us that are still pretending we are on a diet? >> yes, i do. grilled pineapple. >> i am going to skewer them. >> vegetarian pizza, topped with sun dried tomatoes, and finger food for the vegetarian fan. >> thank you for the fabulous finger foods. they are beautiful. >> happy super bowl sunday. you can do this. >> it all looks so good. >> it does. you can find the recipes on our website. >> go to, and all you have to search for is
7:58 am
"super bowl recipes." >> i did a story on chicken wings, and it's on my facebook page, and it's easy to make in the oven. >> you don't fry them. >> no, they are the best. >> i love the buffalo chicken dip. my friend makes it, and i am always the first one at the table. >> the last one to leave? >> these days i am. >> we want to give you an update on the metro situation. the red line is single tracking because of some trackishes there. >> we will continue to keep you posted and we will have another update, but for now that will do it for this edition for news4 today. >> i tweeted it out and put on the storm 4 page, my football prediction for the game. >> what is it? >> 24-34, ravens. >> we will hold you to that. >> it's in print.
7:59 am
>> we will be back at 9:00 for a full hour. the "today" show is coming up next. >> see ya.

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